About UsWelcome to the future of Management Seminars, Events, Training and Workshops!

Innovative Media is primarily focused on knowledge management services, but it would develop certain online training products in the near future.
Our major services include:
  • Conceptualising and organising public seminars on key topics with the use of single or multiple celebrity speakers and management gurus with a view to help corporates build their reach in certain well-identified segments.
  • Identifying the needs of corporate houses for brand equity and knowledge management and bridge the gap through appropriate workshops.
  • Developing training modules for corporate executives.
  • Building appropriate properties around knowledge management for corporates.

In addition, the following is a sampling of the types of events we plan every year:

  • Meetings, trainings and retreats both in India and abroad.
  • Custom made conferences and workshops.

We believe in a Cartographic Approach

Effective knowledge is knowing how to go about assembling the relevant components to inform a particular decision or judgement. So "meta" knowledge about these stores of value is more important than knowing precisely what is in them. Formalising the use of traditional, current and emerging map-making techniques in an enterprise can provide powerful levers for the creation of "meta" knowledge and in achieving cultural stepchange (and so achieving strategic change) in any enterprise.

What is Effective Sharing of Knowledge?

  • Story One: Software developers in a leading software company whose facilities are being closed as part of a cost-cutting campaign take to meeting in a coffee shop. If one group of developers deals with a particular problem or notes something which they think the others should know, they log it in a diary which is kept for the by the coffee shop owner.
  • Story Two: Two universities are working together on a major project in bio-technology and informatics, along with 5 other institutions. The head of one university has contacted his counterpart in the other so that they can share experiences as they go.
  • Story Three: A mutual fund company has created a roving hit squad to set up seven offices across India, reducing the set-up time from eight months to two and a half months.
  • Story Four: Software companies are giving away their most valuable software programs.
  • Story Five: A reinsurance company has identified "super experts" as guardians of particular aspects of underwriting policy. Underwriters in the field can contact them directly for guidance, and sometimes instant policy updating.
  • Story Six: An oil and gas company which has restructured and outsourced extensively over recent years keeps a register of departed experts, so that, if necessary, it can draw upon their expertise.

Knowledge Management. Some challenges:

  • In all kinds of products and services there is increasing knowledge intensity.
  • Senior managers and directors cannot see what knowledge sharing is going on, as much of it happens out of their line of vision. The normal tools of management are increasingly ineffective in creating such a system.
  • Services, software and intangible products are infinitely expandable at virtually zero cost, and can be made available through many channels at great speed.
  • Network economies create an entirely different economy of production, where modules of activity, knowledge and expertise might be dislocated in time and space.
  • Self-organising behaviour can take place without, or in the face of, instructions or executive decisions. And a few individuals can have a disproportionately major influence.
  • The new economy will also be positive for conditions of work, as it prizes networking and Interdependence, sharing and collaboration.