Five ChallengesWhat do leaders need to know to lead effectively in the knowledge economy?

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In his first ever seminar in India, the knowledge management guru and leadership expert Thomas A Stewart, Former Editor and Managing Director of Harvard Business Review for over 6 years, addresses the critical challenges for leaders to manage in the new economy and the tests for leadership. With insight from his unique vantage at Harvard Business Review, Stewart shows delegates how to meet and conquer the demands and challenges to lead effectively in the new age.

Thomas Stewart, the author of several leadership and knowledge economy articles and books, will show how, in fact, seemingly vague ideas of "managing knowledge" and "leveraging intellectual capital" can yield results and agenda items that employees, managers, and leaders can do something about--real work, not fancy talk. He will take intellectual capital and look under the hood, so to speak, to show how the stuff works and how to make it work better.

Business must learn to manage knowledge. Someone who knows how to walk and run on land has to learn new skills to swim and dive and get around in water; in a similar way, the skills individuals and companies need to succeed in their new environment, the knowledge economy are, in many cases, different from the ones they are used to.

Ideas, Creativity and Knowledge are Capital: Everything Else is Just Money!!!

Now, as never before, knowledge, innovation and creativity are on the leading edge of the business landscape. How well leaders understand and strategically invest in intellectual capital to transform their organizations is already separating the “winners” from other, less successful organizations. Based upon his insight as former editor of the world's preeminent management journal, Tom Stewart describes and analyzes the four pillars of the knowledge economy including:

  • Knowledge is what we buy and sell
  • Knowledge assets separate winners from the also-rans
  • Knowledge defines our work and describes what we do
  • The returns to knowledge should exceed the returns to any other investment

Further, Stewart shares with audiences how to take this knowledge to market–discussing how to sell what you know, and sharing strategies for developing smart products and services.

Who Should Attend?

The Leader’s Agenda is high powered executive seminar over a day designed exclusively for senior and middle level managers, current and future leaders and business owners—company owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CMOs, presidents, VPs, GMs, Brand Managers, and all those charged with their organization's intellectual capital and knowledge management, R&D, HR, Training, etc. Worldwide, his events are attended by both Public Sector and Private Sector executives. From all sectors of industries including not for profit organizations. In short, people who have to manage people, uncertainties and intangibles will benefit tremendously from this event..

If you are from a large manufacturing company, here is the chance to win a place at a dinner roundtable with industry leaders and Tom Stewart by registering early
  8.30   Registration    
  9.25   Welcome and Overview
  9.30    Five Challenges for the Next Five Years
Tomorrow’s business environment won’t allow leaders the luxury of making decisions the way they used to
SPEED: There’s no doubt about it: The pace of business is faster than it ever was, and shows no sign of slowing down. For those who can keep up, that means more opportunity than ever. But you can’t keep up if you manage in the same old ways
FUZZY BOUNDARIES: Gone is the day when a CEO controlled an integrated, self-sufficient empire. These days, businesses are complex webs of outsourcing partners, joint venture partners, and others who won’t necessarily pull in the same direction—unless you show them how
CUSTOMERS AND CAPABILITIES: “The customer is king” says the slogan; today;’s customer is a king with clout. He’ll take your profit if you don’t develop a capabilities-driven strategy
EXTREME COMPETITION: It’s global and it’s local, it’s high-end and it’s low-cost—and it’s all these things at once. Once again, a capabilities-driven strategy is the key to competing—and in addition, you need to understand the different ways industries change
UNCERTAINTY: Leaders’ tool kits are well equipped with ways to control processes, allocate resources, and calculate risk. But these reductivist techniques aren’t enough. The biggest challenge for management: learning how to make decisions when you just cannot know what’s best.
  11.00 Tea Break
  11.15 Session 1 Continues
  12.30 Executive Networking Lunch
  13.30 Challenges for Leaders in India – A Perspective
  14:30  Tea Break
  14:45 The Tests of a Leader
No one is a born leader. Great leaders emerge because of what they learn from the tests they face. And they produce great organizations as a result.
THE INITIATION: Everyone watches the first moves a new leader makes. And new leaders almost invariably make major mistakes—even at senior levels.
THE BATTLE: Sooner or later, a leader has to fight—and, in most cases, to choose whether to fight this battle or wait for another one. It is always a high-stakes test. Victory usually adds to your power. As for defeat—well....
THE DEFEAT: Every leader fails. Great leaders find a way back.
THE REBIRTH: Every leader faces the career equivalent of the seven-year itch—the moment when he must ask, “Where do we go next? If were applying for my job today, would I hire me?”
THE ACCOUNTING: The ultimate test of a leader is the test of the mirror. It is not just the test of authenticity, though that’s partly it. It is a test of truth. Do others tell you the truth? And do you tell the truth to yourself?
  16:15 An interactive session with Thomas A Stewart
16:45 Close
About Thomas Stewart

img_Thomas-Stewart-big.jpg A. Stewart is the former Editor and Managing Director of the Harvard Business Review. Prior to joining HBR, he was Editorial Director of Business 2.0 and a member of the Board of Editors of Fortune. In a series of Fortune articles, he pioneered the field of intellectual capital, which led to his groundbreaking book, Intellectual Capital: The New Wealth of Organizations. In turn, Intellectual Capital was named one of the most important business books of the year by the Financial Times, and has been translated into seventeen languages. His second book, The Wealth of Knowledge: Intellectual Capital and the Twenty-first Century Organization reveals how today's companies are applying the concept of intellectual capital and Knowledge Management into day-to-day operations to dramatically increase their success in the marketplace. Mr. Stewart, a Fellow of the World Economic Forum, served as a judge for the Republic of Singapore's inaugural "Innovation Award." In 2005, the European Foundation for Management Development, named him 13th on the "The Thinkers Fifty" list. In 1999, the American Society for Training and Development gave him its second "Champion of Workplace Learning and Performance Award." In 1996, Business Intelligence awarded Stewart its inaugural "Knowledge Management Awareness Award" for his contributions to the field of knowledge management.

More about Thomas A Stewart and 5 Challenges

During the last half-dozen years, when he was the Editor and Managing Director of the Harvard Business Review, he was at the helm of the publication that, as The Economist says, “almost single-handedly sets the management agenda.” Now more than ever, leaders must have a point of view about the world. They must have a vision of economic trends, but also a vision of the great ideas that are reshaping the world and that must reshape the capabilities of their organizations. Unless they can identify the challenges of the next five years - and develop a plan to meet and surmount them---they will be at the mercy of change, rather than its masters.

More than that, leaders must understand how to meet and surmount the challenge of leadership itself. In a world where speed matters more than scale, where capabilities matter more than physical assets, and where it is impossible to be a great leader without being a great partner, too, executives must understand how they themselves are tested—every day.

This seminar will equip you to understand both these sets of challenges: the ones that come from the external environment and those that come from within. We will begin by defining and developing five challenges for the next five years—overarching trends that make business-as-usual no longer possible. You will learn how to

  • Manage the ever-increasing speed with which business changes
  • Lead in a decentralized business environment
  • Use capabilities-driven-strategy to cope with rising customer power
  • Read “the map of competition” in a new way
  • Develop a more powerful set of decision-making tools

We will apply these insights, then, to the great tests leaders face: the tests of tacking command, of battle, of rebounding after defeat, of maintaining an edge, and of speaking and hearing the truth.

In the last few years Thomas A Stewart has worked closely with CEOs such as Jeffrey Immelt, Anand Mahindra, Sam Palmisano, and Katsuaki Watanabe to learn how they define and meet the challenges they face. I have partnered with Clayton Christensen, Pankaj Ghemawat, Michael Porter, C. K. Prahalad, and other to develop and present their thinking. Now at Booz & Company, our CEO Shumeet Banerji and I are developing the firm’s Foresight Agenda, based on the belief that the most important jobs of a leader are to see and communicate a view of the future; and to equip himself and his team with the capabilities the future will demand.

Tom Stewart’s role at Harvard Business Review placed him at the heart of the best thinking on the most crucial issues facing business leaders today. He helps organizations thrive amidst potentially disorienting change.

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