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in Business - 26 Oct, 2013
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CustomerLab along with CII present Legendary Masterclasses of John Kotter and Daniel Pink in Mumbai

Bangalore, October 15, 2013- CustomerLab, a leading consulting company in association with some of the leading minds of the world, along with CII, today announced organizing two unique master classes of the world recognized industry stalwart John Kotter and Daniel Pink at The Leela, Mumbai  on November 20 and 22  respectively.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. M Muneer, CEO  of CustomerLab and author of Capitalising on Customers said,  “India today is at the cusp of building  on a global framework. It’s imperative for the Indian business Leaders to recognize and revisit their value proposition and value chain in view of the constantly changing competitive advantages and volatility in the market. The era of blindly imitating the West and hoping for growth within domestic market is over. The time is now for leading the change and driving breakthrough results. It is in this respect that we are bringing these two masterclasses to help Indian leaders become change masters.”

John Kotter (professor emeritus at Havard Business School) identifies eight steps for leading change successfully. He believes in continuous learning thereby emphasising numerous examples of the business managers and their corresponding implications in the age bracket of thirties, forties, fifties. Kotter recognizes immense potential amongst the average managers, who add on accumulating knowledge over the years. Leaders are not always born but trained.

Daniel Pink is a motivational coach, author of various bestsellers books. Pink’s master class will emphasise on the changing environment at the workplace, a whole new mind and the power of highly motivated resource in an organisation. Bringing in change in the culture helps build on organizational capabilities and competencies in the individual who forms the basis of family and organisations.

Masterclasses are branded training programmes, which position and broadcast the learning from the legendary personalities. Masterclasses are unique interactive sessions that are instrumental in helping bridge a strong bonding between the participant and the leadership. For the first time such master classes are being brought to Asia by CII and CustomerLab.

About CustomerLab Solutions:-

CustomerLab is a boutique consulting company in partnership with a number of leading management gurus from around the world. It is a sister company of INNOVATIVE MEDIA, the leaders in seminars, workshops and knowledge management.
CUSTOMERLAB provides several patented tools of leading management and marketing gurus on a platter, direct from them. No other company in the world has such an offering! We have presence across the region in Asia Pacific and Middle East.


-          To register for the full day session of Leading Change, please visit http://imgyan.com/ns/leading_change/index.php Link


-          To register for the full day session of DRIVE, please visit http://imgyan.com/ns/drive_motivation/index.php Link


For More Information, please contact-

Nishikant –9960672518


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